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To register for your free ticket please follow the link to eventbrite

To register for your free ticket please follow the link to eventbrite


Harrogate school boy wins bike stand design competition in time for Tour de France coming to Yorkshire

Will Hunt, aged 10, saw off fierce competition from 261 other children to win the North Yorkshire Society of Architects’ (NYSA) ‘Bike Bay’ competition that will see his design realised for the Grand Depart in Harrogate.

The competition was open to primary school children in North Yorkshire aged between 8 and 11 years. The brief was to design a bicycle parking bay that can fit into a regular car parking space, to celebrate the Tour de France Grand Depart coming to Yorkshire.

The winning concept was inspired by the steep terrain of the Yorkshire Dales and will be turned into reality by Stage One, the Yorkshire based company who fabricated the 2012 Olympic Cauldron. The judges felt that it illustrated perfectly the difficult topography of the first stage of the Tour from Leeds to Harrogate.

The Bike Bay will be installed on the Tour de France Fan Park on West Park in Harrogate. It will be located there for the entire Grand Depart weekend (04-06 July). Adjacent to the Bike Bay, there will be an exhibition of the competition in RIBA’s mobile exhibition venue the ArchiTruck. The main purpose of the project was to reach out to children to inform, educate and inspire them about architecture.


Coda Studio & Good for Nothing

Lets Talk!

Thursday 22nd May, 6pm, Leeds Corn Exchange
(You will find us downstairs!)

We  are excited to welcome David Cross of Coda Studios and Tim Frenneaux of Good for Nothing to talk to us about what they are making happen in Leeds.

Coda Studios was formed in 2003 by David Cross and Mark Hobbs with the simple aim of delivering great Architecture to all projects big and small in a fun and enjoyable environment.

Now in their tenth year of business, Coda has grown to become one of the region’s leading multidisciplinary Architecture and Design practices with over ten awards and commendations to their name in projects in all sectors.

Good for Nothing Tim is passionate about Leeds people and places, though his economic development dayjob is based elsewhere. In his free time he is active in the Leeds creative and civic enterprise communities. He will be joining us to talk about the emerging global movement, Good For Nothing: a pop-up creative agency pairing talented designers & communicators with good causes. He will also provide an introduction to the Holbeck Highline: a community campaign to turn a disused railway viaduct into a linear park, that was helped during the recent Good For Nothing hack weekend. 


The Anti-Human Eco-City. Wednesday 08th April -5.30pm, The Rose Bowl, Leeds Metropolitan University room F545

Review: City Series Presents - “The Human Scale”

On Tuesday evening 170 people packed into Screen One at Hyde Park Cinema for the first in a series of unique screenings. The diverse audience all shared one curiosity - an interest in making their city more liveable.

A half an hour delay to the evening was caused by the vast amount of people braving the elements and queuing outside the quaint cinema . Once everyone was finally seated David Sim from Gehl Architects took to the stage.

Gehl Architect’s founded by Jan Gehl are based in Copenhagen, they focus on the relationship between the built environment and people’s quality of life. It is this that David Sim, partner at Gehl Architects basis his work and teachings around.  His main area of work is master-planning and urban design, collaborating with other professionals in the planning and building process, and applying Jan Gehl’s theories to large-scale projects.

A man that has travelled the world in search of opportunities, allowing him to educate and involve himself in communities in need of help and support.  It was incredible opportunity to learn the ways he is able to instill his knowledge on those - in the case of Christchurch, desperate for help. David introduced the ideas behind the film and shared his own experiences with the audience, making it seem more personable and meaningful than watching the film at home.

The film was the main event - The Human Scale provided an excellent depiction of cities from across the world. The theories and ideals that it discussed are all based on Jan Gehl’s teachings and what stood out most was how the film managed to successfully deliver the harsh realities behind cities both new and old. It highlighted the emotional, human struggle that shapes cities and managed to confront you with the notion that the future of cities rely on us. We are the ones who can make change.

A lively question and answer session then followed - a vast range of questions from across the cinema ranging from the conceptual to the legislative, each of which were answered in a very humbling way.

Both David’s stories and the film proved thought provoking and made it obvious to those sat in the audience how we; architects, planners, designers and dreamers can influence the way our cities are developed. No one knows better than the people that use the city daily - and it is this that must be recognised in our planning process.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Culture Vultures and Hyde Park for their efforts in creating an excellent opening evening to a series that we hope will start to shake things up in Leeds long into the future.

The next event will fall on 25th March at Hyde Park Picturehouse once more. It will couple the screening of “Urbanized” with a talk by David Rudlin from URBED, Manchester. This time we promise to arrange a venue so we can carry on the discussion over a few drinks!

To find out more please follow @leedsarchitects / @culturevultures on twitter. Keep up to date with Hyde Park Picture House’s listings here.


LSA Meeting Thursday 6th March - 6pm steelcase solutions

2014 is set to be a good year for the Leeds Society of Architects and we know this for many reasons. Our current collaboration with Hyde Park Picture House and The Culture Vulture @culturevultures to present to you The City Series and also the increased amount of interest in our “Let’s Talk!” Campaign.

We are kicking off our first LSA meeting with two exciting presentations from Project Office and Leeds Environmental Design Associates (LEDA). This will take place on Thursday 6th March, 6pm at Steelcase Solutions, Brewery Place - Leeds. All are welcome so lets start the year as we mean to go on. No ticket needed - and it will be nice to see some new faces - so spread the word!

We excited to welcome:


Project Office is an enterprise at Leeds Metropolitan University that involves student involvement in ‘live projects’. Project Office is a design and research collaboration of staff and students. It is an architecture consultancy concerned with ethical, social and resilient architecture and design. They work with like-minded communities, organisations and individuals.

”/ Our Motivation

Project Office’s dual activities are education and enterprise. Our key motivations demonstrate both our ethical principles and how to occupy a space concurrently within the academic institution and architecture practice. Our motivations go to eleven; it’s one louder than ten.

• Using architecture ethically    • The imperative of Environmentally Resilient Closed Loop Design   • Participatory design with students and collaborators     • Working with stakeholders who have no viable alternative to realise their projects      • Embedding research activity into our practice    • Providing opportunities for student engagement with a range of educational and formative experiences           • Complying with ARB/RIBA criteria and EU directives         • Evolving architectural pedagogies • Doing and making architecture          • Having fun               • Advocating an inspiring experience for all collaborators.”



Leeds Environmental Design Associates (LEDA)

LEDA is a team of designers dedicated to creating great sustainable buildings. Our mission is to design and deliver spaces that respect the environment and are a joy to use. Our engineers share a commitment to improving the environmental performance of buildings, working with partners to provide fully integrated solutions from project start-up. Our principles are founded in the three bedrocks of sustainability – social, environmental and economic – and we work, primarily, within northern England.

To see more please visit:

If you are interested in talking at our April meeting please be in touch at : or and we look forward to see you on Thursday 5th March.

the city series presents “the human scale”

Hyde Park Picture House - Tuesday 25th February 2014 - 6.30pm presented by David Sim from Gehl Architects.

The Leeds Society of Architects are excited to announce a new collaboration with Hyde Park Picture House and The Culture Vulture.

To celebrate Hyde Park Picture House’s 100th anniversary we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to come together and collaborate on a subject that is high up on each of our agendas - “Cities.” Not just for architects, we encourage anybody with a curious mind to join us.

Throughout 2014 we will be screening a series of unique and special films that investigate, interrogate and celebrate our cities. We will present you with a wide variety of themes, renowned speakers and subjects that will start you questioning the city in which you live. 

We begin our film season with "The Human Scale" - an outstanding film that questions the ideas of what makes a safe, healthy, lively and sustainable city. We are also very excited to announce that David Sim from Gehl Architects will be joining us to present this thought provoking film. From only £5 a ticket, it is an unmissable opportunity to hear from a speaker of this calibre.


Scottish Architect David Sim is a partner and Creative Director of Gehl Architects based in Copenhagen. Sim is renowned as an inspiring educator and lecturer, and has taught at architecture and design schools all over the world. As well as lecturing David Sim works on a range of large masterplanning projects around the world. Using Gehl’s theories of planning sustainable cities Sim is able to masterplan large areas such as a recovery plan following the earth quake in Christchurch New Zealand.

Although Christchurch may seem a long way from Leeds the theories in which Gehl Architect’s use can be thought about much closer to home. Creating cities that are meeting spaces, cities that prioritise the pedestrian and the cyclist and that allow space for people to meet, stay and enjoy.

We would be so bold to say that Leeds, unlike some other European cities, does not prioritise the cyclist - crowded bus and cycle lanes create a sense of fear as one imagines cycling to a meeting across town. This isn’t to say Leeds isn’t thinking this way - The Hunslet Stray is currently a major step forward - a realisation of an exciting new pedestrian and cycle corridor between Leeds city centre and the rapidly changing South Bank area to the south of the river Aire.

So.. if you, like us, are interested to hear and watch how we can develop sustainable cities please join us at the first of a series of events at Hyde Park Picture House on Tuesday 25th February at 6.30pm,

To book tickets please visit Hyde Park Picture House

RIBA members will receive student prices.

Hunslet Stray: An Open Invitation - public meeting

The Tetley: 5:30-7:00PM Tuesday 18th February

The meeting, which is open to all, is an opportunity to learn more about the Hunslet Stray - a major step forward in the realisation of an exciting new pedestrian and cycle corridor between Leeds city centre and the rapidly changing South Bank area to the south of the river Aire. Visit for more information. 


A major step forward has been taken in the realisation of an exciting new pedestrian and cycle corridor between Leeds city centre and the rapidly changing South Bank area to the south of the river Aire. The Leeds Sustainable Development Group (LSDG), in partnership with Sustrans, submitted their Hunslet Stray proposal as one of the ‘pilot schemes’ for Fresh Aire - the Leeds City Region’s (LCR) flagship project for funding green infrastructure-led regeneration of the Aire and Calder valleys. The Stray is an important part of the delivery of LSDG’s vision for Leeds City Centre South: ‘The New South Bank’.

The LSDG has published a brochure further outlining its plans for the safe green corridor for pedestrians and cyclists, the first of a series of new pedestrian friendly ‘green-links’ to the City Centre Park proposed by Leeds City Council and a network of proposed pedestrian and cycle routes to Hunslet, Holbeck and Beeston. “A cleaner, greener city” was one of the top seven priorities that emerged from the consultation that is now part of Leeds City Council’s Vision for Leeds 2011 to 2030; to be the ‘Best City in the UK’. The Hunslet Stray initiative provides a practical, yet imaginative response, to this and is based on site specific guidance in the LCC’s ‘South Bank Planning Statement’. The Leeds Sustainable Development Group (LSDG), in association with Sustrans, has already gained overwhelming support from landowners and stakeholders located in the area for the immediate delivery of the Stray.


The Hunslet Stray will deliver an essential, “quality of life” route to the South Bank’s new Academic Quarter, creating a direct and safe route for over 1000 students between Leeds Bridge and the new Leeds City College Printworks Campus, as well as the new Leeds College of Building campus currently under construction. The Hunslet Stray passes The Tetley, the newly-opened centre for contemporary art and learning on the former brewery site, and aql’s historic Salem Chapel, providing the opportunity for the Colleges to gain a direct connection into Leeds ‘Janet 6’ network hub housed by aql at the south end of the Stray.

Dr Adam Beaumont, CEO and founder of aql said:
"We are dedicated to making the area more vibrant for our workforce and the public and we already have plans to open a further cafe bar at the start of the Stray. We’re also excited that there will be a welcoming entrance to both our 370 seat technical conference centre and to the newly opened Tetley Gallery".

“A cleaner, greener city” was one of the top seven priorities that emerged from the consultation that is now part of Leeds City Council’s Vision for Leeds 2011 to 2030; to be the ‘Best City in the UK’. The Hunslet Stray initiative provides a practical, yet imaginative response, to this and is based on site specific guidance in the LCC’s ‘South Bank Planning Statement’. The Leeds Sustainable Development Group (LSDG), in association with Sustrans, has already gained overwhelming support from landowners and stakeholders located in the area for the immediate delivery of the Stray.

Kerry Harker, Director of The Tetley said: “We are delighted to be supporting LSDG’s initiative to create The Hunslet Stray, which has now taken a step closer to becoming a reality. The project will create a more appealing and safer environment and thoroughfare for local residents, workers and visitors to the South Bank, at this key gateway site to a major regeneration area.”

David Lumb, Coordinator of the Leeds Sustainable Development Group said:  “The phased delivery of the Hunslet Stray will act as a catalyst for a wide variety of significant projects in the ‘New South Bank’ area in the heart of our city centre. It is clear, from the extensive work that the Leeds Sustainable Development Group has already undertaken, that the delivery of what is effectively the first phase of the City Park can start now. More importantly, an opportunity is provided for Leeds City Council to realise the potential of real partnership working by leading the delivery of the sustainable regeneration of the south of our city centre. The LSDG’s ‘New South Bank Vision’ prospectus and the successful delivery of the Hunslet Stray initiative, in particular, would go a very long way towards ensuring that a bid for European City of Culture 2023 would succeed.”

For more information e-mail: and

4x4 Manchester

I have to admit it is sad to see the 4x4 lecture series cross the Pennines this year but I have to say it looks like a good line up!! 

4x4 Manchester is a series of talks held every Wednesday in March 2014. 4 speakers will talk for 15 minutes each. There will then be time for lively audience debate. 

A Human City will look at our urban environments through the perspective of the real human experience: the overarching, never-ending, ordinary, every-day, every-person narrative that has become overshadowed in recent times by the smart city, the sustainable city, the technological city, the connected city, the living city.

4x4 Manchester wants to challenge how you think about your discipline be that architecture, art, music, urban design, planning etc etc. This will not be architects talking about their new buildings or an author promoting their new book; 4x4 wants to promote a real debate about the state of our cities, stimulated by  interesting, diverse and provocative speakers.

4x4 Manchester will be hosted by Mike Mayhew, an Manchester-based artist.

Thank you to our all our kind supporters.

Partners: Academy of Urbanism, RIBA North West, RTPI, Urban Design Group

In association with: Cornerhouse and People Staring

Supported by: URBED, BDP, Turley Associates, Taylor Young, Manchester School of Architecture and Hobs Reprographics.

Venue: G36 Lecture Theatre, MMU Business School, All Saints Campus

Time: 6pm

Check out all the speakers online:

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The truth is that I miss being a student. I miss the regular opportunity to sit in a lecture hall and be enthused by other people’s experiences of architecture. When moving into practice it became clear that these opportunities are rare - with the loss of the 4x4 lecture series in Leeds it isn’t easy to find an event where similar minded people can come together and share their knowledge in an informal environment.

With regular trips to Manchester to attend the MSSA & RIBA’s “Pushing Boundaries” lecture series as well as the “Before you’re 30” regular events it is clear that it can be done but for some, unknown reason Leeds seems to lack that link that brings the architectural community of students, practices and like minded people together.

The Leeds Society of Architecture is a group of people that are passionate about architecture and are on the constant look out for new projects, new practices and new knowledge to share. This is why we are saying “Let’s Talk!” For the past year we have held small meetings at a range of venues across Leeds and have invited a range of people to come and talk for 20-30 minutes about their practice, their projects or their programmes with the aim to get people in Leeds talking to each other.

You don’t have to be an architect - we want a discussion about the city, design, the future and if you can help us and would be willing to spare an hour of your time to come and talk to us about what you are up to in Leeds (or beyond!) we would love to hear from you.

Please email us at or contact us on twitter @leedsarchitects

"The City Series"

The Leeds Society of Architects are proud to announce the launch of the ‘City Series’ in association with Hyde Park Picture House, The Culture Vulture and RIBA Yorkshire.

The collaborative year-long programme aims to explore, investigate and discuss cities and our relationship to them in the fabulous setting of Leeds’ finest picture house Hyde Park Cinema in its 100th year.

Taking place on the last Tuesday of every month, the first event takes place on Tuesday 25th February 2014 and will be a screening of Jan Gehl’s The Human Scale, a popular choice of film at the Leeds Film Festival.


50 % of the world’s population lives in urban areas. By 2050 this will increase to 80%. Life in a mega city is both enchanting and problematic. Today we face peak oil, climate change, loneliness and severe health issues due to our way of life. But why? The Danish architect and professor Jan Gehl has studied human behavior in cities through 40 years. He has documented how modern cities repel human interaction, and argues that we can build cities in a way, which takes human needs for inclusion and intimacy into account.

Architect or not, everybody is affected by the cities around them and therefore everyone is welcome to come along and enjoy a film that interrogates how we currently use and abuse our cities and how we should learn from our mistakes to ensure a sustainable future.

For more information please visit:

More information to follow.

December meeting

We would like to invite you all to our next meeting  on Tuesday 3rd December at 6pm at Steelcase Solutions, Leeds.

We are excited to host two guest speakers:

1. ESH -“Building My Skills”

2. Robin Machell - West & Machell Architects.


Building My Skills is a structured employability skills programme which provides students with a broad introduction to world of work; it is based on the ‘Esh Employability’ delivery model, run and managed by Esh Group’s Added Value team.

See you at :

Steelcase Solutions

7 Brewery Place
Brewery Wharf
LS10 1NE